Globe Management Training offers a business partnership opportunity based on core focus training.

Here are some of the possibilities.

Looking for part-time lecture work?

Are you an experienced, lecturer, an expert at what you do, and are passionate about educating professionals? We offer part-time training opportunities.

Can we work together to build business?

Do you have a business that is similar to, or has synergy, with ours? Do you operate in a different marketspace? Do you see synergy in working together? Are you in recruitment, or HR, and have a need for a skills development partner? Let's talk about joint ventures that combine our extensive experience with your knowledge, market reach or capabilities!

Do you have courseware you developed yourself?

If you have experience at developing and running courseware, or you have material you have built, or you have an idea that you want to build some, contact us. If your courses fit our portfolio and can add value to our marketplace, we will market them for you, and pay you to run them.

Do you need courseware?

Would you like to remain independent, but use our courseware? We can discuss licensing opportunities to bring our knowledge, courses and accreditation/assessment strengths to add value to your business!

Get in touch with us to discuss the many possibilities.