Secretarial and Personal Assistant Development

Secretary PA Development. Behind every successful Chief Executive Officer is a secretary that makes sure everything is attended to each day. Whether your company is in the field of telecommunications, food or retail for example, executive secretaries play a pivotal role in your operations.




The 21st century administrative assistant, executive secretaries and PA’s play a vital role in supporting management.  Understanding the key techniques and skills of management will increase the level of positive support they can give. An appreciation of the role of management will enhance communication and lead to more efficient working environment.  This course will provide participants with an awareness of the management skills they require to produce enhanced results.




  • Define the role of the Administrative Assistant, Executive PA/Secretary as part of the management Team, for the 21st century organization
  • Contribute more effectively by understanding your own organization and the business environment
  • Use appropriate management skills to influence work flow
  • Design, implement and evaluate office procedures to enhance productivity
  • Develop your basic teamwork skills and explore how to make the most of your available time
  • Effectively communicate verbally and in writing to all levels
  • Adopt a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving
  • Discover how a competency based recruitment system can ensure effective staff selection.




This course is earmarked for Executive Secretaries, Professional Office Administrators

Chartered Corporate Secretaries and Middle to Senior Personal Assistants.




This Workshop brings together  EAs & PAs to learn and exchange ideas . The Advanced Executive PA

Masterclass is, without a doubt, one of the best workshops on the market today. It is designed for

Executive PAs and Executive Assistants who would like to develop world-class EA skills and become better

strategic business partners to their executives. Executive PAs will learn how to approach their role from a

strategic and managerial perspective, and take more responsibility for managing their executive's



This is a challenging and enjoyable 2-Week workshop for Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Personal Assistants and Senior Administrators. It is built around realistic case studies, problem-solving exercises and the development of practical managerial-level soft skills. This masterclass offers world-class Executive PA workshops, delivered by a former Executive PA with expert knowledge of the EA role and its challenges. EAs consistently rate this workshop as 5 out of 5 for excellence.




  • Learn how to develop a strategic business partnership with your executive
  • Discover how to stay ahead of your executive’s shifting priorities
  • Learn how to quickly plan a project using a timeline
  • Discover strategies for managing your personal brand and career progression
  • Learn time-saving email management techniques
  • Discover the formula for influencing the executive team
  • Learn effective presentation skills
  • Discover how to manage multiple demands on your time
  • Learn how to negotiate successfully


The Advanced Executive PA Masterclass is one of the best Executive PA workshops on the market today. Personal Assistant workshop is an investment, not an expense - it is maintenance for PAs. Therefore, it is prudent that executives give priority to training the EA they intend to keep. A recent survey found that as many as 90% of executives believe they could not do their job properly without their PA. PAs need to be at the cutting edge of their profession to better assist their executive. Attending this masterclass will provide an opportunity for Executive Assistants to build their skill-set and develop their strategic





  • This course is earmarked for Executive Secretaries, Professional Office Administrators, Chartered Corporate Secretaries and Middle to Senior Personal Assistants.



The International Senior Secretaries and Directors' Personal Assistant's Course & Senior Secretarial Computing Course aim to help participants both to develop their skills and expertise and to improve the quality of their work and their roles within their organisations. Particular attention will be paid to enhancing each participant's potential for development. Care has been taken to make the programme relevant to working conditions.


Attendance on this course will be global and it will enable a secretary or personal assistant to learn how to function more effectively in the office and understand the application of new technology. Participation is an important part of this practical course. The programme combines, practical sessions, group work, lectures, discussions and visits.


Over 90 per cent of all the office activity is communication in one or another of its forms. The secretary or personal assistant is the focus for communication between top level management and the rest of the organisation. The course recognises this and addresses the issue.




After completing the course participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the developing role of the personal assistant or secretary in an organisation.
  • Understand more readily the nature of management and the functions of the management team.
  • Recognise the importance of communication and improve their own communication skills.
  • Exercise delegation and supervisory skills.
  • Appraise their own performance and that of their subordinates. Recognise the impact of information technology and be able to use it efficiently.




  • The course programme is designed to meet the needs of personal assistants and senior secretaries, who work with chief executives, directors, heads of department and senior managers in both the public and private sectors. Such people probably spend part of their time on typing or shorthand, but they are likely to be personal assistants in the fullest possible sense. They also have responsibility for office administration. In many cases they may be taking on, or hoping to take on, additional management functions.
  • The course recognises the importance of the role of such people and the contribution they bring to decision making.